Typical Day of a Criminal Lawyer



A criminal attorney Los Angeles and other cities in the United States have is in charge of either the defense or prosecution of a person accused of a crime.

The lawyer should act in a manner that is completely objective and unbiased throughout the legal proceedings. This helps ensure that the defendant’s legal rights are not neglected. It’s also a way to maintain fair treatment for the person being prosecuted in the face of the law.

In television series or movie films, whether law-related or not, legal practitioners are usually portrayed as criminal lawyers. However, these shows do not often reveal the ins and outs and the intricacies involved in the profession.

Whether you want to be a criminal attorney Van Nuys or in another city, you should check first if you will be comfortable having a career in criminal law and if it’s a really good fit for you.

Remember that criminal law will have you working with clients possibly involved in criminal offenses such as murder, terrorism, car theft, money laundering, robbery, and arson.

Watch this informative video by Legal Vitae to live a day in the life of a criminal defense attorney. Thomas Spohr, who works as a criminal lawyer at the Office of the Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions, walks you through a typical day in his profession. You’ll discover the things you can expect when you get a career in the field of law.

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