How Personal Injury Attorneys Approach Settlements

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If you have been in an auto accident you should have an auto accident attorney on your side. Many people make the mistake of thinking that if they are not at fault an auto accident is cut and dry. The fact is in any personal injury case, it is the plaintiff’s responsibility to provide proof of negligence, damages, and causation. One of the things that an auto accident attorney can do for you is to calculate and claim costs for pain and suffering. A personal injury lawyer uses a formula to determine how much you should ask the court for your pain and suffering.

An auto accident attorney Portland claimants have used after an auto accident or other type of personal injury, can help you collect damages for mental anguish, and the loss of being able to participate in life as you did before the injury. An auto accident attorney Vancouver WA, can ask the court to approve monetary damages for a wide range of pain and suffering. An experienced auto accident lawyer knows how to calculate the value of what you have lost because of the accident and get you compensated for it. Learn more about how those calculations are made by watching this video.

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