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Dealing with a personal injury can be devastating and life-changing. If you were recently in an accident, you may be wondering if you can take your case to a personal injury trial. Understanding what types of accidents and incidents are optimal for a personal injury trial can help you navigate your own case.

1. Fallen Tree

If you’ve been injured by local tree services conducting work or from a fallen tree on another’s property, you may have a case that qualifies for a personal injury trial. Fallen tree injuries can be life-threatening and in some cases, even fatal. Oftentimes, those who are affected by a fallen tree may lose the ability to walk or may become completely paralyzed.

If you are someone who has sustained an injury in any capacity from a fallen tree, you may want to contact an attorney who specializes in personal injury law to determine if your case has merit. A qualified attorney can help you in the process of investigating your case to determine if you are capable of pursuing it in a court of law based on the state and region you currently reside in. Additionally, an attorney will also have to determine if your case will make it to trial based on when the incident occurred and how the tree originally fell.

2. Food Poisoning

Food poisoning is an unfortunate occurrence that mos individuals expeirence at least once in their lives. However, if you experience food poisoning from food you ate from a catering company, you may have a case that requires a personal injury trial. Food poisoning, while most often benign, can also be life-threatening and fatal, depending on the type of food that was consumed and an individual’s reaction to the food as it digests.

How Food Poisoning Occurs

Food poisoning can occur from leaving food out too long at room temperature. When food is left at room temperature, bacteria will begin to grow and spread, even though it is typically invisible to the naked eye. Additionally, food poisoning can also occur if you choose to cook and consume food that is too old.

Smelling any food and inspecting it prior to cooking or consuming it is always advisable. If the texture of the food you are about to eat seems off, it is probably best to eat something else. There is also a risk of developing food poisoning if you choose to consume food that is raw or undercooked, such as chicken or red meat. Always ensure that the food you cook is cooked to the recommended temperature with the use of an electric thermometer whenever you are eating meat.

3. Electrical Hazards

If you are harmed from electrical wiring in your apartment or leased rental, you may have a case that qualifies for a personal injury trial. Electrical hazards may not only interfere with the current setup you have in your home or apartment, but it can also cause fatalities if it is not addressed. Serious shocks and injuries can occur when you encounter an electrical hazard that has not been remedied by your landlord. Working with a tenant attorney is best when you have sustained electrical burns or injuries from the outlets in a rented apartment or home in any capacity.

Benefits of Hiring a Tenant Lawyer

Hiring a lawyer who specializes in representing tenants is highly recommended if you believe your landlord is responsible for the injuries you have sustained or the damage that has occurred in your property due to their negligence. Tenant lawyers not only understand the law, but they are also qualified to represent tenants as they typically specialize in cases in the rental market. When you are working with a tenant lawyer, you will discover which strategies are optimal for you to take based on the circumstances that surround your individual case.

4. Assault

If you have recently been a victim of assault, your case will qualify for a personal injury trial. Whether you were fighting in a local sports bar or if you were robbed in an alley, assault charges will allow you to pursue your case immediately with a trial. If you want to prove your case in front of a judge or even in front of a jury of your peers, you may need to collect evidence, especially if you do not believe you contributed to any violence that may have occurred during the assault itself.

How to Collect Evidence for an Assault Case

Taking photos and videos of any injuries you have sustained after an assault is highly recommended. If you were assaulted in a public place or even in a private venue, you may have the ability to request CCTV footage or additional videos that were taken during the incident. When you work with an attorney by your side, they can facilitate the request process, allowing you to spend more of your time focusing on healing from the assault incident itself.

Benefits of Hiring an Assault Attorney

Working with an attorney who specializes in assault cases is key to ensuring that you are well-represented and as protected as possible. When you are working with an attorney who understands assault causes, you can work together to determine if a personal injury trial is right for you or if there is an alternative legal route that is likely to work out better for you, based on your current mental and emotional condition. An attorney who understands assault cases will also do their best to protect your privacy and your mental health as you are working through the case together.

5. Toxic Mold

Toxic mold can have seriously adverse effects on human beings, whether an individual is exposed to the toxic mold for a short period of time or even over the course of months and in some cases, years. When you believe that mold removal services should have been utilized in a rental property or even in a commercial space you use for work, a case involving toxic mold will typically qualify for a personal injury trial. Because toxic mold can cause lifelong health issues, such as respiratory diseases and illnesses, it is typically taken very seriously by courts.

Working alongside a lawyer who specializes in toxic mold cases is also advisable. Those who have taken on and won toxic mold cases in the past are much more well-versed in the law surrounding toxic mold and your current region or location. Additionally, when you are represented by a lawyer who has won toxic mold cases in the past, you may also find that it is much easier to convince a judge or a jury of your peers of the toxicity that mold presents in your own home or place of work.

6. Work Injury

If you have recently suffered a work injury due to no fault of your own, you may need to retain an attorney to represent you and pursue your case in a court of law. Whether you work in a steel mill or for a metal fabrication company, there are many different risks to consider whenever you are working on the job. However, whenever an accident does occur, even when you are working on the job, you may be entitled to worker’s compensation, especially if you will require time off in order to heal up and recover.

How to Pursue a Work Injury Case

If you have been injured at work, you may be required to visit an in-house doctor or in some cases, even a psychologist in order to determine if you will qualify for time off or in some cases, even compensation. However, it is also important to seek out a third-party opinion by visiting a doctor of your own after you have been injured at work or on a work site. You will also want to work with the right attorney in order to seek the compensation you will require in order for you to make a complete and full recovery.

7. Malpractice

One of the most common areas that require a trial includes malpractice. Whether you visited a dentist recently or your surgeon for a procedure and you were harmed or injured in the process, you may need to work with a malpractice lawyer. Hiring a malpractice lawyer is a way to navigate your case professionally with the right legal route in mind. Malpractice cases can be presented in front of a jury of your peers or even in front of a judge alone, depending on the type of case you are dealing with and the injuries you sustained while in the case of a professional.

If you are pursuing a malpractice case, you will want to do so with the right lawyer. A lawyer will walk you through your options while presenting your case for you. They can also ensure all paperwork and documents are filed in a timely manner, avoiding the statute of limitations.

8. Animal Bite

Dealing with an animal bite is not only painful, but it can be extremely traumatic, especially in life-threatening situations. If you have recently been bitten by an animal and you are unable to work or if you require surgeries in order to make a full recovery, you may want to retain an attorney to represent you. Hiring a lawyer who represents victims of dog bites is highly recommended if you want to ensure the best possible outcome.

How to Find the Right Dog Bite Lawyer

Finding and hiring the right dog bite lawyer can make a major difference in the overall outcome of your individual case. When you want to ensure the best outcome possible, conducting a bit of research both locally and online can help significantly. Searching for and comparing different lawyers and law firms that specialize in dog bite victims and cases can help you determine which option is right for you based on the type of bite you have experienced and who was responsible for the dog at the time. It’s also important to consider what type of legal ramifications or compensation you’re interested in.

9. Contaminated Water

If you believe you have been harmed by drinking and consuming contaminated water, you may be able to pursue a personal injury trial in a court of law. Contaminated water cases are taken very seriously, as it is not common that just one home or place of business is affected and zero others. Whether you’re currently leasing a rental home with questionable or outdated plumbing or if you believe your city’s tap water is contaminated, you may have a serious case on your hands.

Consuming contaminated water is not only dangerous, but it can also be life-threatening and extremely risky in terms of triggering bacterial infections, gut imbalances, neurotoxicity, and more. Additionally, contaminated water also has the ability to dehydrate, as it can trigger diarrhea in some individuals, depending on what the water is contaminated with and where you are currently located. If you believe any of the water you have been consuming at home or even at your place of work is contaminated, stop consuming it immediately and switch to consuming purified bottled water, if possible.

10. Car Accident

After you’ve been involved in a car accident, you may be wondering if your case qualifies for a personal injury trial, especially if you were hurt and injured at no fault of your own. From paying medical bills to repairing your vehicle and covering the cost of a towing service, there are many expenses that can quickly add up after a car accident, even if you were not at fault. If you’re not at fault when you’re involved in an accident and you want to pursue legal ramifications or in some cases, even financial compensation, you can do so by retaining the right lawyer by your side.

Understanding what types of cases typically qualify for a personal injury trial can help save time and money when you are thinking of pursuing a case in a court of law. When you’re familiar with what cases are ideal for a personal injury trial, you can quickly determine if you will require an attorney after you’ve been involved in an accident. The better you understand the law surrounding personal injury trials, the easier it will be for you to choose a strategy and legal route with the best outcome for you.

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