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Building owners and managers must ensure their elevators are in safe working conditions. This protects the safety of tenants and visitors while avoiding costly lawsuits that can arise from accidents caused by elevator malfunctions.

One of the best ways to avoid lawsuits related to elevator repairs is to stay proactive. Regular inspections of your elevators by qualified professionals are crucial in identifying potential problems and addressing them promptly.

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Per the elevator safety codes, you should schedule routine maintenance and testing every six months. This way, you can detect and repair any issues before they lead to accidents or breakdowns.

Another way to avoid lawsuits is to ensure that only licensed and certified elevator contractors perform the inspection and repair services. These professionals have the knowledge, skills, and tools to identify potential problems and perform the necessary repairs to maintain the elevators’ safety standards.

Moreover, it’s essential to maintain accurate records of all elevator repairs, inspections, and tests performed. These records can help prove that you took all the necessary steps to maintain the elevators’ safety and comply with state and federal elevator safety codes in case of a lawsuit.

In addition to regular inspections and maintenance, it’s also essential to have clear communication with your elevator service provider. You must understand their inspection and repair procedures and the timeline for repairs. This way, you can ensure that any issues identified during the inspection are addressed promptly, reducing the chances of an accident.


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