What Collision Damage Is Covered by Insurance?

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Car insurance is a handy thing to have when something goes wrong. Most people just pay for comp and collision whether or not they understand what these cover. You should know, though, what’s paid for when you take your car to a collision body shop.

What’s Covered by Collision Insurance?

When you’re in an accident with another car, whoever is at fault is responsible for repairing your car. If you hit a guardrail, a power pole, a pothole, or a mailbox, then your collision insurance will pay for it.

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Can I Repair My Car Myself Using Insurance Money?

Yes. It doesn’t matter if you repair your car yourself or take it to a collision body shop. If you own the car, then you don’t have to repair it at all. Read the fine print on your auto insurance policy to make sure.

Are My Children Covered When They Drive My Car?

If a driver related to you by marriage, adoption, or by blood including foster children or legal wards is driving your car with your permission, then they’re covered if they hit something. Compensation covers weather, among other things. For instance, you need collision insurance if you slide into a mailbox on the ice or wet roads.


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