The Legal Aspects of Fire Department Corrections

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Fire departments don’t just take care of fires that have already started — they also work to prevent fires by conducting inspections. Commercial and residential buildings are required to meet specific fire code standards. These standards apply to most aspects of a building, including electrical work, egress point distribution, and building material placement.

If a building is found to not be in compliance with the current fire code, the owner will be required to follow fire department corrections. The fire department is given legal authority to mandate corrections that will bring the building up to code and ensure that its occupants are protected from fires as much as possible. Without their intervention, building owners would have no incentive to make their properties safe.

If you’re interested in the legal aspects of fire department corrections, the video posted above gives an excellent overview of the subject. The host of the video is a retired deputy fire chief and attorney. He discusses the legal protections fire departments have and the legal obligations architects, builders, and building owners owe to the people who use their buildings.

Fire department corrections are essential to the building regulation process and keep both ordinary people and firefighters safe in the event of a fire.

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