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In this video, listen in to a real talk question-and-answer session with 4 law degree graduate students. Law schools produce all kinds of lawyers like criminal lawyers, business lawyers, defense lawyers, family lawyers, bankruptcy lawyers, and much more.
These 4 students answer the most frequently asked questions about being in law school, and their answers are funny and reflective.

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Interestingly 3 of the 4 students are lawyers representing talent rights for musicians and artists. This decision was made from seeing their artist friends and colleagues sign contracts that did not serve them well. They wanted to change that unfair advantage and help artists know what they signed, and get better terms and conditions for sharing their work. Interestingly, none of the panelists were had traditional legal careers like being a criminal lawyer.
The four lawyers also spoke answered what you need to do to get into law school. Their answers included:
Getting good grades in the LSAT.
Providing a personal statement.
Choosing a school with fair requirements.

Another question asked was why some people seemed to get heavier sentencing than
others. The panel answered that a sentence is never guaranteed for a crime depending on the crime committed. Keep watching!

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