The Basics of Lobbying Services

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A key part of government relations is lobbying services. Lobbyists are a go-between an organization and government representatives. A lobbyist uses talking points to make a request of a representative. This video provides you with an insider’s view of lobbying services for Amnesty International and how they approach meeting with government representatives.

Most people have at least heard of lobbying service professionals but rarely have a full picture of what they do, how they do it, or why they do it. This video clears up some of the mystery. A handful of lobbyists explain what it is like to work with Amnesty International and how they approach lobbying a government representative.

About three thousand five hundred pieces of legislation are introduced during every General Assembly which roughly works out to about forty pieces of legislation to be considered every day. Lobbyists are the people that push for specific legislation. They are the people on the ground negotiating on behalf of various organizations to get legislation passed that benefits that organization in some way.Watch this video to learn more about how lobbying works and what a lobbyist has to do to get the message across.

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