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If you have been the victim of dog bites, you may have a claim for your medical bills and other associated costs. Your dog bite attorney will help you to know whether you have a case or not. The details of the case will let your attorney know whether you are able to pursue a case or not.

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If you were trespassing on the property and bitten while doing so, you generally don’t have a case. If you did something to provoke the dog, there is generally no case there either. If you got an injury from the bite, you might just have a case to bring to court.

There are millions of dog bites every year in the US, but not all of them represent good cases to take to court. Your lawyer will be well-versed in all of the dog-bite laws in your state, helping them to know how good your case is. The lawyer will also be able to judge whether your injury is one that is good for a dog-bite case or not. Above all, the lawyer needs to find out whether the dog’s owner has homeowners’ insurance or not. Without it, there may be no one to sue.

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