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When you need legal assistance, it can be difficult to get the help you need. With over 1.3 million lawyers in the United States, how do you know who to choose? What types of lawyers are there available for your specific situation? Having the right legal team is essential. When you are in a bind, you need expert advice to help you successfully navigate your way quickly through the difficult situation you’re facing. Here is a guide to the most common lawyer types.

Criminal Defense Attorney

An attorney from a criminal defense law firm can assist you with a number of legal issues when you’ve been charged with a crime. The various types of these attorneys include public defenders, defense attorneys, and prosecutors. An experienced criminal defense attorney can deal with bail, pleas, arraignment, and trial issues. The attorney will work to keep you out of jail by working to prove your innocence to the court. If they can’t prove your innocence, they may be able to help you negotiate a plea deal to reduce jail time or fine amounts.

If you are being charged with a crime, it’s a good idea to hire a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. They can help maintain your rights when being questioned by the police so you don’t incriminate yourself. The attorney can help ensure that police are following proper protocols and procedures involved in your criminal charge. They can explain the laws related to your case and help you make informed decisions. They can examine all the evidence and look for loopholes in the law that can help get your case dismissed.

Family Lawyer

A family lawyer can assist with multiple legal issues related to your close personal relationships. These family law attorneys tackle issues related to divorce, prenuptial agreements, adoption, and child custody. Some family lawyers may also deal with issues related to reproductive rights. These lawyers can handle all the paperwork involved in your case and give you legal advice. If needed, they will represent you in court to help you receive the judgement you desire.

Child support and custody can be a difficult matter to navigate. You may need to know what types of lawyers are there to help guide you if you and your spouse aren’t getting along. When you are going through a divorce, emotions can get in the way of making logical decisions. A child custody attorney can help protect your rights and help you receive monetary support for your children. They can help you negotiate parenting time and any other issues related to your children.

Car Accident Attorney

Car accidents can get complicated and messy. Seeking an insurance claim can become a frustrating headache when your insurance company tries to do everything they can not to pay out to repair the damages. An auto accident injury attorney is the best option for what types of lawyers are there to handle this complex issue. This lawyer can fight the insurance company to get the compensation you deserve for damages to your vehicle and any medical bills you may have incurred. You may even be entitled to receive compensation for pain and suffering.

When it comes to what types of lawyers are there for a traffic violation, a traffic offense lawyer can help defend you. These criminal defense lawyers deal with driving-related infractions such as speeding, driving with a suspended license, and DUI citations. It can be worth hiring a traffic offense lawyer to fight traffic tickets to keep your insurance rates from going up. Having this type of lawyer representing you can change a judge’s perspective. The judge may more likely perceive you as innocent if you have a traffic offense lawyer representing you.

Personal Injury Attorneys

What types of lawyers are there if you get hit by a car or are injured at work? Who do you call if you get hurt by a defective product or get food poisoning from a restaurant? If you are a victim in any of these circumstances, personal injury lawyers can help you seek compensation for damages. A personal injury lawyer can also protect you from a lawsuit if someone slips and falls on your property. Some personal attorneys can also be helpful in elder abuse cases.

If you have been injured on the job, workers comp attorneys can help you receive compensation for your medical bills and lost wages. These attorneys will handle communication with medical staff and insurance companies and ensure that the proper paperwork is filled out and filed correctly. If an employer denies your claim, they will work to appeal it so you can get the compensation you deserve. They can use their legal knowledge to help speed up your claim so you don’t have to spend years battling it out in court. They can help you gather all the documents you need to prove your case so you can focus on healing from your injury.

Medical Malpractice Lawyers

If you have suffered an injury from a medical professional, you may want to know what types of lawyers are there to help you in your time of need. A medical malpractice lawyer can assist you in getting compensation for your medical bills. They will help you gather the evidence you need to prove your case and deal directly with the insurance companies that are involved. Medical malpractice cases can be difficult to prove. You’ll want to make sure that you find a lawyer who is highly successful in winning these types of cases.

If a loved one has died as the result of an accident or medical malpractice, you may want to seek a consultation with a wrongful death attorney. In order to prove a wrongful death has occurred, an attorney will need to establish that whoever caused the injury is responsible for a negligent act. The case is held as a civil lawsuit rather than a criminal one. Typically, only the person who is in charge of the estate for a loved one who has died can file a wrongful death lawsuit. Compensation can be received to pay for medical expenses, burial costs, lost wages, and even loss of companionship.

Bankruptcy Lawyer

When thinking about what types of lawyers are there to obtain legal advice, you may need to consider a bankruptcy lawyer if you are having economic problems. If you owe large amounts in credit card debts or medical bills, this lawyer can help you get economic relief. They can work with your creditors to negotiate a debt repayment plan. If repayment isn’t possible, the attorney can help you file the bankruptcy paperwork with the courts. Trying to file on your own without a lawyer can lead to costly mistakes or criminal fraud charges.

There are several different bankruptcy options that a person could be eligible for. A bankruptcy lawyer can help you understand each of these options and determine the best one for you. Each option has certain requirements that you will need to meet. You may need to complete a pre-bankruptcy credit counseling class within six months before you file. Bankruptcy payments will need to be paid on time as well as additional court fees.

Trust and Estate Lawyers

It’s helpful to understand what types of lawyers are there to help you plan for what happens after you die. A trust and estate lawyer can help you protect your home and other assets from creditors and probate. The attorney can also help you minimize estate taxes. They can help you draft and file a will and a power of attorney. Matters such as life insurance policies, charitable contributions, and retirement plans can also be addressed through the assistance of an estate lawyer.

When setting up your estate, you will also need legal advice in setting up guardians or custodians for dependents. The lawyer will ensure that your final wishes are followed if you become unable to make these decisions for yourself. When you die, the lawyer will make sure that inheritance and assets are distributed as laid out in your will. Once your estate is set up, the lawyer can be beneficial in keeping the estate up to date as your life events change. For example, you may desire to change beneficiaries if you have another child or assign a custodian if you were taking care of an elderly relative.

Civil Litigation Lawyer

When looking at what types of lawyers are there to offer legal advice, one you may overlook is a civil litigation lawyer. Civil litigation is often involved when one person is suing another over a specific type of dispute. These disputes can include contract breaches, property disputes, city complaints, and class action lawsuits. The lawyer can make an initial assessment to determine if a lawsuit is warranted by gathering documents and interviewing witnesses. If a matter goes to trial, the lawyer can draft motions, plea deals, and counterclaims as the case progresses.

A civil litigation lawyer may also summon witnesses to appear in court to help you prove your case. They may also retain relevant professional experts to testify on your behalf. In certain cases, the attorney can help negotiate a settlement if you desire to speed up the court process. If the trial doesn’t end in your favor, the lawyer can file an appeal. Since there are many types of civil litigation lawyers, you will want to find one who specializes in your specific situation.

Employment and Labor Law Attorney

Another area where it’s helpful to know what types of lawyers are there is with your employment. The most common types of attorneys in this area are lawyers who specialize in labor law or wrongful termination attorneys. Other types of attorneys may include those that specialize in unemployment, overtime pay, and sexual harassment. You may want to consider this type of lawyer if your employer refuses to pay you the correct wages or terminates you without cause. You may also wish to file a lawsuit against your employer if you are forced to work in hazardous or hostile conditions.

The attorney will review your complaint and give you advice on the best course of action for your situation. Most of these types of cases are typically settled out of court, while a few can go to trial. The attorney can file all the necessary paperwork for your claim with the court and represent you if needed. They can also negotiate with the employer to resolve the issue. You will want to find an attorney who has a successful track record with your type of case.

Disability Benefits Lawyer

You may also want to know what types of lawyers are there to help you if you get sick or injured and can no longer work. A disability benefits lawyer can help assist you with your private insurance or Social Security claim. Being denied benefits is a common occurrence. If you have filed an application and been denied, the lawyer can help you appeal the decision to get the benefits you deserve. The lawyer can help you collect any documentation you need and represent you in court.

Many disability benefits lawyers are only paid if they win your case. The payment they receive is typically a certain percentage of the back payments that you’re owed. To win your case, the lawyer must prove that you can’t do any work, even if it’s sedentary. They must also prove that your medical condition meets a disability listing. This is determined by your medical records that the lawyer will submit to the court.

When you’re in a bind, knowing what types of lawyers are there at your disposal can have a significant impact on your life. You can do some legal research on your own, but it’s impossible to know the nuances of every law involved with your situation. Use this guide to help jumpstart your search for the right legal representation. Make sure to thoroughly investigate any attorney before you hire them. Hiring an experienced legal attorney to represent you can save you time, money, and stress over the long haul.

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