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Life is not always fair. Sometimes, even the most trusted assets can turn against us, or the most unassuming investments can become nightmares. This article will examine three areas of legislature, and, if you have been impacted by one of them, point you in a helpful direction in dealing with compensation. The first area of advice will be financial fraud, the second will be estates and trust litigation, and the third will be maritime personal injuries, which should be handled by a maritime injury lawyer.

Financial fraud can debilitate anyone caught in its web, which can be a lot of people. One form of company that deals with many people is a securities brokerage. A securities brokerage is a company that buys and sells stocks on behalf of their customers. As of 2015, there are 26,823 securities brokerages with a total payroll of $63 billion. While most of these companies abide by the law, some of them will mislead their investors in the attempt to make more money. This practice by an administration is called “securities and commodities fraud”. In the year 2014, there were 1,639 cases of securities fraud. Each time a securities brokerage is found guilty of fraud, they lose millions, even billions, of dollars in damages and disgorgement–meaning they have to return the investors’ money. Bank of America, for example, was charged by the SEC with fraud and ended up paying $20 million penalty. If you are misled by a company, it is important to find a financial advisor attorney or business attorney and receive due compensation.

Fraud can also occur in regards to estates and trusts litigation which ranges from will enactment to guardianship. From incompetence to undue influence, many people are affected by this area of law. In 2014, the SEC filed 744 cases of misconduct and their litigation attorneys ended up charging $4.16 billion in engorgement and penalties. When someone writes their will, they should be able to trust it will be brought to fruition. A visit with an estate planning attorney would be advised if one wishes to avoid damage from estates and trusts litigation.

The final area of law we will discuss is maritime personal injury claims. This happens when someone is injured at sea. A common cause for these incidents is operator inexperience, totaling 391 cases in 2014. In addition to human injury, financial damage can occur, as well. In the same year, property damage from boating accidents totaled $38.87 million. If you or a friend has suffered from these things or anything similar, a visit should be paid to a maritime injury lawyer, who would best navigate these incidents, as they specialize in such matters.

Legal help can be daunting and even scary at times. From maritime injury lawyers to trusts litigation, the terminology can be extensive. It is highly recommended to seek legal council specific to your situation to best navigate the world of law and order. As I mentioned before, the world is not always fair. Sometimes people are wronged and justice is never served, but if you’ve experienced something like what we’ve discussed, you’re not out of luck yet. There are people ready, willing to help, and only a call away.

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