Do I Need a Juvenile Attorney for a CHINS Petition?

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If you have been served with a CHINS petition for your child, then you need a juvenile attorney to help navigate the case. Juvenile lawyers have the experience to help protect your child’s rights in a CHINS petition matter, juvenile delinquency case, and other legal matters involving your child.

Understanding what a CHINS petition is, and how it can affect your child’s life can help you to see what it is so important to hire a Harris County juvenile lawyer with experience. Any time your child has to appear in court, they deserve to be represented by a juvenile lawyer with experience.

What is a CHINS Petition?

CHINS is an acronym for Child in Need of Supervision. It is a document that is filed with the court that asks the court to provide supervision for the child. The supervision can range from removing the child from the home, remanding the child into a treatment facility, court-ordered psychological testing, mandated drug aversion programs, and a wide range of other outcomes.

Who Can File a CHINS Petition?

There are several different reasons why a CHINS petition may be filed. The petition can be filed because the child is under the age of 16 and is truant. In the case of truancy, the school district files the petition. The police (or district attorney on their behalf) can file the petition when a child has committed petty crimes. You, as the parent, can file a CHINS if you have reached the end of your rope and wish the state to step in.

Unfortunately sometimes these petitions are filed by one party or the other during a heated child custody case. Under any circumstances, you need a lawyer to represent your child and you.

There are four main reasons a CHINS is used:

  • Runaways
  • Habitual offender at school
  • Truancy
  • Stubborn child

As the parent or guardian, the case is actually against you. The first hearing will determine if you are guilty of not being able to provide the proper supervision for your child. A juvenile attorney can help you to navigate the initial hearing.

The Best Interest of the Child

The court will consider the petition and consider the best interest of the child. A juvenile attorney will be there to ensure that the child’s rights are protected and the rights of the family are protected. It is important that you have a law firm on your side that is experienced in these matters. To learn more about a CHINS petition and how it can affect your right to parent, and your child’s rights contact us today.

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