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As shown in the video, 53% of marriages in the USA end in divorce or permanent separation. Surprisingly, divorce lawyers are giving helpful tips to save marriages. And here are some amazing tips that can prove quite helpful to you.

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1. Social Media Distraction

Divorce lawyers are pointing at social media as a huge distraction in many marriages. They regard posting sensitive issues about their marriages as one key factor that destroys relationships and trust.

2. Keep Financial Records

A significant percentage of arguments comes from finances. So, keep records by using synchronized lists or applications. This will make it hard to forget or provide a good reference. Also, divorce lawyers advise against surprise expenses, especially when making big purchases.

3. Sex and Intimacy

Sex and intimacy play a key role in keeping your marriage going. Yet they can be easily foregone, especially after having kids. Divorce lawyers advise spouses to make deliberate efforts to keep the spark between them.

5. Foster Parenting

Divorce lawyers encourage genuineness when it comes to foster parenting. They tell spouses to hold genuine conversations about this issue and whether they need to have children together in addition to their stepchildren, rather than go with what others say.

6. You Can’t Change Your Partner

Divorce lawyers encourage accepting your partner’s flaws and preparing how to live with them rather than trying to change them. Thinking of changing such flaws can only set your relationship up for failure, they say.


As much as marriage fails for half of couples in the USA, it works for the other half. Divorce lawyers point to genuineness, compromise and constant communication between both parties.


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