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In this video, Keisha Pettway explains how she got her real estate license, prompted by numerous DMs asking if she used an online real estate class or other program to get qualified. Plenty of people don’t understand the process for gaining a real estate license, the costs involved, or the exam requirements, so it’s essential to get a clear picture.

Online real estate classes differ depending on which state students are in.

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However, in most cases, applicants are required to complete around 60 hours of study on real estate principles to ensure they’re fully equipped to jump into the role of a realtor. The requirements of getting accepted onto an online real estate class range from the individual’s qualifications to state-specific demands, so students should always check with their local examination board. Some areas may require additional study hours on laws pertaining to that state only, so students should make sure they understand the time commitments before applying.

There are many benefits to studying real estate online. Students can work at their own pace and, more importantly for many people, can work whenever they like. This provides the potential to “learn while they earn”, essentially allowing prospective realtors to take a night class from the comfort of their own home.

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