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You quickly call your homeowner’s insurance when you need a roof repair. However, there are two things you may need to ask yourself. Will my homeowner’s insurance cover this type of roof repair, and what does the insurance agreement state about your specific roof repair? As the YouTube video mentions, in some cases, the roof repairs will be covered, in others not, and then there’s partial coverage.

What Insurance Companies Look At

If you have a roof repairing project, consult your insurance company to see if they will cover the repairs. The insurance company will look at various factors to determine if the roof repairing project falls within their scope of coverage.

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Firstly, they’ll look at the damage that needs to be repaired. It usually includes the cause of the damage. For the most part, your homeowner’s insurance may cover repairs caused by fires, strong winds, and other natural or unnatural disasters.

However, if the damage results from lack of maintenance, normal wear, and tear, or age-related damage, it may not be covered. Also, your homeowner’s insurance should clearly state what type of roof damage will be covered and what will not. When you sign your agreement, you should be specific about what damage you need to cover and what’s not that important to you.

The insurance company will professionally assess the damages before they accept or decline your claim.


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