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Barndominiums are an extremely popular type of home. From a distance, you may think it’s a normal barn, but up close it’s clearly something more. Barndominiums are in the style of pole barns or other barns, but with modern features added to create a stylish and comfortable home.

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Here are a few things to consider before building one.

First, check to make sure all of the legal requirements are met. Your town, county, or state may have laws concerning the size, placement, or features of your home. For example, the hallways and doors may need to be a certain width to be considered safe for you and your family. You may also need a certain number of windows in case of a fire or any other emergency that prevents you from leaving through a door.

For the design, the most important decision is the size of the building. Once that is decided, you can start dividing the interior space into separate rooms, though it is common to have a big, central, open space in a barndominium. Lastly, think about the fixtures and other small details you want to include.

For more tips on building a barndominium, see the linked video.


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