A Restraining Order Attorney Explains What is a Protective Order

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Are you wondering about what a restraining order attorney can do? Do you know what will happen next if the court serves you a restraining order? Well, first of all, you have to read everything that’s written on the restraining order and abide by its terms.

The next thing you should do, especially if you can’t understand what’s going on and the terms written in the order, is to contact an attorney. This way, you will also have the help you need if you want to contest the restraining order in court.

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It’s not advisable for you to take restraining orders lightly, even the temporary ones. As surprising as it seems, some orders not only restrict you from having contact with your children or certain people but may also ask you to leave your own home. And if you violate the restraining order, it may result in you getting arrested, serving jail time, as well as being convicted of a crime.

So if you believe that the claims and accusations against you are baseless and false, you might want to consult a lawyer to find out how you can counter the order. However, you must remember that you should still follow the terms indicated in the restraining order in the meantime.

Watch this video by Steve Vondran, where you’ll discover what a restraining order attorney does.


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