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In this video, Attorney-at-law Aric Cramer gives excellent advice regarding keeping valuable information to yourself and protecting your rights. Aric practices criminal defense in St. George, Utah, and he’s more than glad to help you if you ever need a criminal defense lawyer consultation.

Some people make the colossal mistake of blurting out everything to the cops before talking to a defense lawyer. These individuals don’t understand that their information is valuable and maybe the only leverage they have regarding the case.

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Remember that cops are trained with the Reid Technique. This interrogation skill is designed to elicit a confession from the person being questioned.

In a nutshell, it’s an effective way of interrogating a suspect to get whatever answer the cops want. This intricate technique can get even the most innocent person behind bars if he answers without thinking and ends up digging his own grave.

Before spilling everything to the cops, ask them what the questioning is about. You don’t know if you’re being summoned to the police station because you’re a suspect or witness to a crime.

But whatever the reason, you should come down to the station together with your lawyer. Bringing your attorney with you doesn’t mean you’re guilty of anything. As Aric Cramer explains, you can avoid getting the short end of the stick with a criminal defense lawyer consultation.


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